Very excited to share with you my review for Save the Date by Aven Ellis today but first, here’s the blurb.

Chicago event planner Collins Brady knows how to make the magic happen for her clients. From elaborate weddings to cute baby showers, Collins knows what to do to make an experience breathtakingly perfect. In her mind, she adds the sparkle that makes everything shine.

If only she had that same sparkle in her personal life.
While she’s good at her job, her true career dreams lie elsewhere. If she could do anything, it would be to become an equestrian riding instructor. That dream, however, is shelved due to practicality. And that’s not the only thing Collins has shelved. After ending a relationship with her college sweetheart, Collins has taken her heart out of the game, too. She wonders if that magical kind of love can exist. But maybe it’s only a fantasy.

Or is it?

All of that changes the night she meets Luca Ballerini, the rookie goalie for the Chicago Buffaloes. Passionate and fiercely determined, Luca has only made time for hockey in his life—until he meets Collins. Her spark hasn’t escaped him, and now Luca wants something other than his hockey career.

But following their dreams and hearts isn’t always easy. Can Collins and Luca find a way to live their dreams with each other?

Will love get past them? Or will this goalie make a perfect save of Collins’ heart?



I absolutely loved this book, its Aven Ellis at her very best.

Aven just shines in her characterisation. Her characters are always so real and so likeable. Collins was such a fantastic character and I loved how she grew throughout the book because of Luca. Luca is probably one of my favourite Aven Ellis heroes to date and that’s saying something when I’ve fallen in love with every one. But Luca was so so lovely, so kind and just so big and sexy!! The other characters were superb too, Aubrey and Livy provided wonderful warmth and support as her two best friends, and I loved seeing Landy and Beckett again who we met in previous stories but the star of the fabulous supporting cast was Nana who added real humour to several parts of the story.

The love story was so sweet and heartwarming, i had the biggest smile on my face throughout the whole story. When people say that Aven writes feel good stories, it couldn’t be more true, because it made me feel good all the way through.

Aven’s humour made me laugh out loud on so many times, from the fantastic one-liners courtesy of Nana, to the hilarious demands of Collins’s clients and the fabulous banter between Luca and Collins, it all made me smile and laugh so much.

I cannot recommend this story enough, it really was the perfect, feel good story

I know you will fall in love with Luca and Collins and their beautiful story so why not download it today

UK Amazon

US Amazon


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