Review of On Thin Ice by Aven Ellis


Delighted to be sharing with you my review of the utterly brilliant On Thin Ice, the new Dallas Hockey romance by Aven Ellis

This book was simply perfect. The love story between Matt and Holly was utterly beautiful. I really liked Matt when I met him in the previous Dallas Demons hockey stories but I completely fell in love with him in this book. Through Holly we see a side to Matt that he never shows to anyone else, this unbelievably sweet, gentle, caring side that Holly fell in love with when she first met him two years before and has carried that feeling for him ever since. Little did she know that he feels the same way and on New Year’s Eve her life changes forever.


But true love never runs smoothly and when they agree to keep their blossoming romance secret from Nate, Holly’s brother and Matt’s teammate you know there’s going to be trouble ahead.


Aven’s characters are always so real and well rounded that you feel like these are people you know in real life, that you are reading a story about your friends and that’s a wonderful quality that you genuinely care what happens to them. And you get this feeling, not just the two main characters but with all the characters in the story.

Aven writes beautiful heartwarming stories which will have you smiling throughout, whether that’s smiling at the gorgeous heroes or wonderful strong heroines, the gorgeous love stories or the brilliant witty banter, it definitely has that feel good factor that will have you turning page after page. With On Thin Ice she has done it again with a brilliant story I absolutely devoured.

Pop over to amazon and grab your copy now Download here




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