My review of Green Tea Latte To Go by Aven Ellis


Green Tea Latte To Go came out last week and everyone is falling in love with this story. I’m delighted to be sharing with you my review of this wonderful book.


This book was an absolute treat and I devoured every page. I love Aven’s stories, they are warm, engaging and always leave me with a great big smile on my face.

I love Aven’s characters, even the secondary characters of Payton’s family, Sylvia, Courtney and her brilliant little family stand out from the page. The animal characters, especially the pigs are superb and bring a lot of humour to the story but as always Aven’s leading characters, Payton and Brooks absolutely shine.

Payton is a Duchess Kate fashion blogger determined to make a career out of blogging and supplements this with her work as a personal concierge, doing odd jobs for people, picking up dry cleaning or in the case of her new client, taking the pet pig Mr Not Bacon to the vets. So much humour comes from Payton’s job with her new client Courtney and her crazy but lovely family that I found myself laughing outloud on so many occasions. Payton is kind, passionate, determined and just a little bit disaster prone. I loved this about her, that things didn’t always go smoothly for her.

Brooks is an exotic veterinarian who has a passion for helping weird and wonderful animals. He is shy, awkward around people, compassionate, sweet and oh my god, sexy as hell. I absolutely adored him, cute guy with cute animals, it just melted my heart.

The relationship between them was just superb, watching their love blossom and grow, the wonderful banter between them, i just loved it.

The story was hilarious, sweet, brilliantly written and utterly compelling. I loved every word and cannot praise this book enough.

Pop over to Amazon and get your copy now, you will absolutely love this book.











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