Review of Trivial Pursuits by Aven Ellis

TrivialPursuits850HIGHTrivial Pursuits by Aven Ellis is out tomorrow and you are absolutely going to love this book. Here is my review

I love Aven’s books, she is without doubt one of my favourite authors ever. She has that rare quality of being able to write a book that I can reread over and over again and still enjoy it every single time. Trivial Pursuits is no different and it’s one of my absolute favourite book of hers so far.

We first met Livy and Landon in The Aubrey Rules, as best friends of the leading characters in the first book in the Chicago On Ice series. The books are completely standalone and you don’t need to read the first book to understand the second book. But you do start to get a sense of what kind of man Landon Holder is, in short he’s a player and definitely not the sort of man that Livy would want to get involved with. But could there be more to Landon than meets the eye, are there hidden layers that the public and the press simply don’t see.

I fell in love with Landon from the first time we met him in The Aubrey Rules but I fell even harder for him when I properly got to know him. Though he was a badass hockey player, which was sexy as hell, he had this gorgeous, sweet, supportive, loyal side that was so attractive.

The relationship between him and Livy builds really sweetly at first with wonderful banter but quickly develops into something passionate with chemistry that is sexy as hell. I loved seeing their relationship develop and grow into something beautiful. And I loved seeing how the relationship changed them too.

Aven writes great villains, the characters you love to hate and she does an amazing job with Kayla Paine.

One of the things I absolutely love about Aven’s writing is the humour and in this story it is delivered in spades in the form of Nana. She is probably one of my favourite Aven characters of all time. She is absolutely superb and I laughed out loud so many times.

This is an utterly gorgeous, sweet, funny and perfect story that you definitely need on your kindle this summer


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