Review of The Aubrey Rules by Aven Ellis

Very excited to bring you my review of The Aubrey Rules today, Aven Ellis is one of my all time favourite writers and reading her books is always a delicious treat, so here is my review.


Oh how do I love Aven Ellis’s books, let me count the ways.
1. I love her heroes, sweet, kind, honest, strong, sexy as hell and Beckett Riley is no different except this time we have the added bonus of him being painfully shy, awkward and a bit of a dork too and you have no idea how adorable this makes him. Instead of the confident, bold hero, Aven gave us Beckett who is a brilliant NHL team captain, who looks out for his team, who has no idea how to act in front of a camera, who is insightful, sincere, patient and loves with his whole heart and I utterly fell in love with him.
2. I love her heroines, strong, sassy, fiesty, kind, Aubrey has this in spades. But she also has insecurities and vulnerabilities too. I love that Aubrey was a normal sized woman who loved fries, i love that she just said the first thing that comes to mind with no filter, I love how she has all these rules and then breaks or amends them for Beckett. She is a brilliant character and probably my favourite Aven Ellis heroine to date.
3. I love the banter and the chemistry. Beckett and Aubrey have a brilliant relationship that was sweet and oh so hot but tender and laugh out loud funny. They were so good together and so good for each other and I loved seeing their love grow into something beautiful.
4. I love the villains in Aven’s stories, she always gives us someone to hate and this particular villain, in the form of Aubrey’s new boss Mallory is a serious villainous piece of work. The things she gets Aubrey to do in the name of work were staggering but brilliantly funny too.
5. I love the story. Hot hockey hero who never thinks anyone will love him for who he really is, meets Aubrey who has rules to protect her and ends up breaking them. This kind of formula is what Aven does best.
6. I love the humour. Aven writes absolutely flawless comedy, whether its the outlandish things that Mallory gets Aubrey to do at work, Aubrey’s thoughts on this, the unfortunate events that befall Aubrey, the superb banter between Aubrey and Beckett or Beckett’s dorkiness, I just laughed all the way through. Just perfection.
7. I love the other characters, Livy and Landy are the perfect compliment to Beckett and Aubrey, helping them along the rocky road of love.
8. I love the world of ice hockey, the glitz, the photo shoots, the fans but mostly the game of ice hockey itself. Aven does the best commentary of the game so you know exactly what is happening, who is where and what they are doing, its tense and fast and completely compelling. And as a treat in this book, The Chicgao Buffalos plays The Dallas Demons so we got to see all our favourite heroes from Aven’s previous books, Harrison, Nate and Matt.
9. I love the little descriptions, the setting, Chicago, the weather, the homes, the clothes. Aven adds these gorgeous nuggets in unobtrusively but so beautifully so the story just comes to life so vividly and clearly.
10. I love the awww factor. Those gorgeously, romantic sweet moments that just take your breath away, a glance, a comment, a sweet gesture, and as with all Aven Ellis books The Aubrey Rules left me with a warm glow and a huge smile on my face.
You need this book in your life so you too can fall in love with Beckett Riley and Aven’s flawlessly perfect heartwarming writing

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