Review of A Rancher for Rosie by Molly Ann Wishlade

rosieA Rancher for Rosie by Molly Ann Wishlade is out today and I’m very excited to share my review with you

I love Molly’s books, I’m a massive fan and A Rancher for Rosie absolutely did not disappoint. Its the second book in the Duggans Of Montana series but you don’t need to have read the first book to understand what the second book is about though I recommend you do as Harlot at the Homestead is a brilliant read. This book follows the story of Rosie Duggan, twin sister to Kenan our hero from the first book.

Rosie is a fabulous character, kind, sweet, selfless and very innocent of the world and I instantly liked her when I met her briefly in the first book. Joshua was superb, a real gentleman and very sexy. Their relationship was lovely, sweet, loving and sexy as hell. The chemistry was hot and as always Molly writes fantastic sex scenes.

Rosie’s family have been brought into disrepute since her brother Kenan married Catherine and this has far reaching consequences for Rosie and Joshua. Joshua’s family doesn’t want him to marry into her family as they don’t want to be tarnished with a bad reputation and Joshua’s loyalty and love for his parents, their ranch and his family make him hesitate in fulfilling what his heart most desires.  For Rosie she can’t bear the thought of Joshua being disinherited for his relationship with her and decides to leave to save his reputation.

This was a riveting read and I found myself turning page after page as I devoured this sexy story and at one point I even had tears in my eyes and its rare for me to get so utterly emotionally invested in a story.

For a sizzling, sexy and sweet story you will absolutely love this. I can’t wait for Matthew’s story which is out later this year

If you want to buy this wonderful book pop over here


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