My review of The Definition of Icing by Aven Ellis



It’s publication day for The Definition of Icing by Aven Ellis and I’m so excited to share with you my review.

Aven has done it again. She has knocked it out of the park with this one or in Ice Hockey terms, this one would win The Stanley Cup.

I absolutely love Aven’s writing but every book surpasses the one before and The Definition of Icing is her best yet.

The story sees Kenley, our heroine, afraid to enter into a relationship because men never see past her beauty to the person she is on the inside. She would be the ultimate trophy girlfriend and men just never see past that. Not wanting to be hurt by a man again, Kenley throws herself into her work as a chocolate consultant.

I absolutely loved Kenley, her warmth, her determination to succeed in her own business and to be taken seriously for her intelligence, I loved her ballsy fieriness and her desire to be loved for the person she is not what she looks like. Like the perfect chocolate paired with the perfect wine, Aven has created this wonderful character that you immediately fall in love with and fight for every step of the way.

And that brings me to Nate, the perfect pairing for Kenley in every way. He is an ice hockey star for the Dallas Demons and a chance meeting with Kenley at a photo shoot sees their two worlds collide. He has been hurt in the past too when an ex-girlfriend cheated on him and he is wary about getting involved in a relationship again, but something about Kenley, something way beyond just her looks, draws him in.

Nate is sexy as hell and I practically swooned every time he was on the page, which was a lot. Almost the first time we meet him, he has his top off and we see the cut abs, the muscly arms and the tattoos. He couldn’t be any hotter. He is passionate about his sport, he is incredibly sweet and protective to Kenley and an all-round good guy. Aven knows how to write good guys that you fall in love with but also men that are incredibly sexy too and Nate had that in spades.

The chemistry between Nate and Kenley is sizzling hot and I loved how Aven built that up in the story, she writes the most enticing relationships that leave you absolutely riveted to the page, but the banter between them was also sweet and very funny too.

Beyond Nate and Kenley, we also have Lexi, Kenley’s roommate and Amanda, Kenley’s sister and the humour, banter and chemistry between these three characters is absolutely flawless. To have two female friends in the story that love and care for Kenley so much is just perfect but their day to day banter was superb and so hilariously done. You need a great supporting cast in any love story and Aven does this so well, especially in the mother from hell, Ci-Ci. I loved Ci-Ci, she is absolute perfection and a large part of the humour in this book comes from her. She is quite simply hilarious, with every word she utters being pure comedy gold. She was such a stark contrast to Kenley’s level headedness and I absolutely loved her.

This book has it all, a gorgeous couple, tons of sweet romance, superb characters, lots of laughs and that wonderful aww factor that will leave you smiling long after the book is finished. I cannot recommend this book any higher, buy it now and fall in love with Aven’s gorgeous writing all over again.

You can buy it here:




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