Surviving the Rachel by Aven Ellis


I am so excited about sharing my review of Surviving the Rachel by Aven Ellis today and to celebrate the end of the tour I have some fab giveaways over the next three days.

Here is my review

Awwww this book is just the most romantic, most gorgeous, sweetest book ever. I love Aven’s books so much but for me this is her most romantic book to date.

I love Bree, she is a sweet, kind, strong, ambitious woman who has had some setbacks in life but is determined to move past that and build a future for herself. Living with her parents is not the future she had planned but this provides some absolutely hilarious moments in the story. Her mom and dad are just lovely but highly embarrassing and some of the funniest scenes in the book come courtesy of Diva, Bree’s mom’s annoying yapping Pomeranian. Aven writes superb comedy that makes me laugh out loud and I fell in love with Diva a little bit in this story. The comedy and banter between Bree and Jack is just brilliant too. I love the deal breakers in their relationship.

That brings me to Jack, the sweetest, loveliest, kindest boy next door. I really loved Jack, he wasn’t a huge, drop, dead gorgeous a-typical hero, but thats what made me love him all the more. He was this normal boy next door, one who was good looking but with a beautiful heart.

It was the wonderful love story between these two characters that was the stand out thing for me. Their relationship was so tender and sweet and just an absolute joy to read. They both had insecurities from past relationships but the strength of their love was so heartwarmingly beautiful, it just left me with a huge smile on my face. Aven has some gorgeously romantic moments, some of my favourites involving fireflies.

Aven can write, there is absolutely no doubt about that, her characterization is flawless, even the sub characters are investing, engaging and well developed. I always look forward to reading Aven’s books, she is without doubt one of my favourite authors and I devour every word she has written.

Surviving the Rachel is superb, a wonderfully, sweet, deliciously romantic story to curl up with this winter and one of my favourite reads of 2014

To celebrate the launch of Surviving the Rachel I have some fab goodies which I will be giving away over the next three days.

Screenshot_2015-01-21-20-50-44~2Today I am giving away this gorgeous firefly necklace.

In the story Surviving the Rachel, Bree survives a dreadful Rachel haircut.

What embarrassing situation have you survived?

All you have to do to be entered into the draw to win this gorgeous necklace is tweet an embarrassing situation you’ve survived, with the hashtag #SurvivingTheRachel

For example ‘I survived having a hole in the bum of my swimming costume in a pool filled with people. #SurvivingTheRachel

I will announce the winner tomorrow along with a brand new giveaway.

Good Luck!


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