My Review of Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista by Aven Ellis


Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista is out in two days and I am beyond excited about people reading it. So to give you a taster of what its about, here is my review.


Aven Ellis is quite literally my favourite chicklit author. Every time I sit down to read an Aven Ellis book I simply don’t move until I’ve finished, her writing is completely addictive perfection and Chronicles of a Lincoln Park Fashionista is no different.

The story sees Avery being accompanied by drop dead gorgeous Deke, a videographer as he films a documentary, trying to record a behind-the-scenes of some of the Premier Airlines employees. It’s a story about having a plan in life and how when your plans fall apart, what happens instead is infinitely better.

I wasn’t sure I would like Avery at first, this was a girl who was heavily into fashion and beauty products and neither of those things are me. I shouldn’t have worried. Aven creates such wonderful, warm, rich characters that within the first few pages I already loved her. Avery was fiery, funny, sweet, inquisitive, caring, brave and determined and certainly someone you’d be proud to call your friend.

Deke was superb, almost from the very first second we meet him. The chemistry between them, even though they were both holding themselves back, was palpable from the first time they met. Although there are bumps in the road for them, they go on to develop a beautiful friendship.

He challenges her to be brave, to fight for what she believes in, to see things in a different light, he feeds her interest in the world and stokes a passion inside of her she never knew she had. She helps him to open up, to trust in friendship and love again after he has been hurt in the past.

There are some absolutely gorgeous moments in this book between these two characters that just had me smiling and left me with such a heart-warming feeling afterwards.

The secondary characters are brilliantly written and superbly placed to accentuate the emotional and humorous story that Aven has created. Sasha as the shallow flatmate, Sullivan as the preppy love interest, Rebecca the ‘overworked’ manager and the lovely Bree too. These characters were so perfectly written, you could almost feel yourself booing and hissing as in a pantomime when the ‘bad guys’ came on stage.

Aven writes absolutely flawless humour too, there were some moments in the book that literally had me laughing out loud, the silly things that befalls Avery are just hilarious.

There are also some really touching moments in the book that had me in tears, especially as Avery slowly falls in love with Deke and he seems to show no interest in returning those feelings. Avery is filled with self doubt that he could ever be interested in her and I’m not ashamed to say that in those moments when he seems to knock her back, I sobbed big snotty tears.

Their growth and friendship is a beautiful thing to watch, especially in Avery who overcomes her fears and develops a passion for her job which she never thought she would.

I absolutely loved this book. This is just the most perfect, cosy, gorgeous read and one you definitely need on your Kindle.

It’s only £1.83 on Amazon so why don’t you pre-order it now so it will slide straight onto your kindle on the morning of the 10th Amazon:


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