Review of Unfinished Symphony of You and Me

unfinished symphonyI just wanted to shout about this book a bit more because I so thoroughly enjoyed it and I think you will too, but although I’ve tried my best to show its brilliance, I know my words really don’t do the book justice. But here is my review

I loved this book so much, Lucy’s voice is so strong and when I say outstanding I mean in the sense that it stands out a mile in the chicklit genre. It was a brilliant story, told with humour, sensitivity and the best characters I’ve ever met.

There is an incredible cast of characters that filled the book to the brim with great slashes of colour. Julian, our hero, is the most unlikely of leading men with his fluffy hair, his absentmindedness, his tatty clothes but god did I fall in love with him, he was sweet and mad and just perfect to read about. Sally was a superb female lead, this ordinary girl from Stourbridge with an extraordinary voice who sung in a cupboard because she was too scared to sing in public. Her relationship with her cousin was just beautiful and her growth throughout the novel was just a wonderful thing to watch.

The secondary characters were also these big, larger than life, real people. Bea who walked around naked and was ridiculously rich, the sweet father figure of Brian, her best friend Helen, Violet the star of the school, Ha! Jan Borsos he was brilliant, a fierce, funny Hungarian who served as the perfect distraction for Sally but probably my favourite character was Barry, he was this superb, gay, loud welsh ballet dancer who was given the best lines in the book, I loved this man.

Lucy’s humour is just flawless, I laughed so much reading this book, silly brilliant humour that gave me great big belly laughs.

There is a sad story running through all the humour and laughs, one of self doubt and grief and it was dealt with beautifully. I’m not ashamed to say I sobbed great big tears, but there is a real heartwarming feel to this book that will just leave you smiling all the way through and long after it has finished.

This is one of the best books I’ve read this year and one I cannot recommend more highly.  It’s just £2 at the moment, an absolute bargain for such an entertaining read.

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