Cover Reveal Book 3 of The Wild Wild West series

The last cover reveal today of the Wild Wild West series by Molly Ann Wishlade.  Can’t wait for this series.


Vulnerable widow Grace Holbein faces an uncertain future. Spurned by the town of Deadwood because of her violent late husband’s troubles she’s all alone in the world. With winter approaching the future looks bleak until two rugged cowboys ride up to her ranch looking for work in return for room and board.

Grace is wary of these handsome strangers; in her experience men are not to be trusted. However, Matt, fair and athletic, and Blake, dark and ruggedly handsome, are keen to prove to Grace that not all men are alike. The attention she receives from them both thaws her frozen heart and melts her inhibitions; she would welcome either one to warm her bed, but it’s a choice she finds impossible to make. In her dreams she’s allowed them both, but can her brazen desires ever be fulfilled in reality?


Menage will be released by Carina UK on 1st August


One thought on “Cover Reveal Book 3 of The Wild Wild West series

  1. AAAAHHHHH!!!! I just love these covers! Thank you so much for all your support! You are a sweetheart! Have a fabulous weekend! HUGS! xxx

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