The Wild Wild West by Molly Ann Wishlade

My lovely friend Molly has a new series of three books coming out soon called The Wild Wild West.

I love Molly’s books, the chemistry, the sex, the romance and I love the historical element in it too so I can’t wait to read this new series.

Here’s what Molly has to say about The Wild Wild West:

The Wild Wild West is a mini series of three novellas which will be released by Carina UK on July 28th, 30th and August 1st.
I’m fascinated by the Wild West, in particular the town of Deadwood, and I love writing about cowboys and their lives and loves. I get my ideas for my writing from all sorts of places – sometimes the title comes to me first, sometimes I envisage a character and sometimes a line or two will pop into my head and I’ll just have to flesh it out. My inspiration for the series came to me with the lines…It wasn’t easy for any of them. She knew that. She’d been where they were now. These poor daughters of Deadwood had little to make their lives bearablewhich left me eager to write the stories of three women living in and around Deadwood in the 1800s. The three heroines in the Wild Wild West series are very different, yet they’ve all been affected by their time in Deadwood in some way.
Bound is the first in the Wild Wild West series and will be released by Carina on July 28th


9781472099594_CoverRunaway mail-order bride Layla Powell is terrified when she is captured by two powerful cowboys purporting to work for her fiancé – the mysterious Mr Jackman. At first Layla fights tooth and nail for her freedom, but Charlie and his lover Etu have their own erotic methods to subdue their feisty captive…

In fact Charlie is really Layla’s fiancé, she was supposed to be his wife in name only, but he and Etu like what they see. They are sure that just one night of being pleasured by them both will be exciting enough to convince Layla to abandon her plans to run and keep her in their bed forever!

Look out for the cover reveal of the next in the series tomorrow




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