Sunlounger short story competition

Do you fancy seeing your short story published alongside some of the hottest names in women’s fiction?

Do you write short stories but they stay hidden away on your computer where no one ever sees them?

Do you want to be a writer but never put pen to paper?

Now’s your chance to shine. 

This summer Sunlounger 2 is being released, a glitzy book emporium filled with sizzling, sexy, summery short stories set in the most beautiful locations of the world by some of the best names in women’s fiction, Belinda Jones, Tracy Bloom, Alexandra Potter, Milly Johnson, Hannah Beckerman, Lisa Dickenson and Rosie Blake,

And your story could be amongst its pages. 

Belinda Jones Travel Club is running a short story competition, if you win your story will be published in the anthology.  Can you imagine that?

Last year I won the competition with my short story One Hundred Proposals, this year my debut romance The Guestbook went to no.5 in the UK chart and no.27 in the US chart.

See what it felt like to win;

So now it’s your turn.  Write a short summery story, set somewhere outside of the UK between 1000-3000 words and send it to by May 7th.  That’s it.

It will be read by four brilliant,lovely judges and the winner will be announced on June 1st

Here are the rules/guidelines;

GUIDELINES for the SUNLOUNGER 2 short story submissions from the BELINDA JONES TRAVEL CLUB

Here is your chance to have your story published alongside 40 of the hottest names in Women’s Fiction!


Your story needs to be set outside of the UK, somewhere summery. It doesn’t need to be exotic or glamorous, just abroad! We want to uphold the ‘Vacation for the Price of a Paperback’ tradition! Plus the setting should be a great source of inspiration for your story!



You have between 1-3,000 words to tell your story. That’s about 1-2 chapters of a typical women’s fiction book. Don’t worry if you’re a few words over. When I was a journalist, word counts were the bane of my life (which is probably why I moved into books!) so I won’t mind if your stories run a couple of hundred words long.



May 7th 2014. But welcome sooner! Just email your story to us here at



You can enter up to 3 stories in the SUNLOUNGER contest.



It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that your stories need to be your own special creation! All your own work and not published elsewhere.



From the names on the list of contributing authors (see authors-by-name) you will have an idea of the genre we’re working with. Chick lit is one term. Romantic Comedy another. Also Contemporary Women’s Fiction! Either way, we want the story to be told with your own unique ‘voice’ or signature style. You can write first or third person, your choice. Just be true to you! (And if you are a man submitting a story, it’s fine for the main character to be male!)



If you can send us your story as a Word file attached to your email great! If not just paste onto the email itself and we’ll copy and paste it across.

Obviously writing short stories is very different to novels. You really don’t have any room for wasted words so keep editing and polishing until it gleams!



We’ll spell out the Rights in more legal terms but the gist is this: if your story is chosen for the anthology we want to be able to publicise and promote it as part of the collection worldwide. So we will retain the rights for that purpose for the duration of the book and you will get more exposure and opportunities than you ever dreamed of – sound like a good deal?



Winners will be announced by June 1st 2014. And ideally we would like you to be available for publicity around the book’s launch on June 21st 2014. This is your chance to shine!


That’s all for now! Any further questions, just drop us a line!


May the muse be with you!

Belinda xx

SUNLOUNGER website –


FB: Belinda Jones Travel Club

Go on, what are you waiting for!!!


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