Waiting For Prince Harry by Aven Ellis

waitingforprinceharry400x600[1]I have to be honest here and say, I have been putting off writing this review.  Because If I was to write this review from the heart I was only going to come out looking bad.  I have heard people say how they have fallen in love with book characters before and I’ve nodded and thought ‘yes, he’s lovely,’ or ‘Yes, I’d love to meet my own William, Aidan, Oliver, Jacques, Max one day.’ But I have never before fallen completely head over heels in love with a character as I fell in love with Harrison Flynn.  Days after finishing this book, I was still thinking about him, I actually missed him, I wanted to be with him, I would lie in bed at night thinking about him.  Meeting Harrison hit me hard and its a crush that I’m only just starting to get over now.

I can see some of you reading this thinking, ‘Calm down Holly, it’s only a silly book character.’ But Harrison was so much more than that. What Aven did with Harrison was create a man so real, so tangible, I felt like I had actually met him and fallen in love with him in real life.  I don’t even know what it was about him that struck this chord in me.  Was it the respectful way he touched his cap when he spoke to women? Was it his fierce protectiveness over Kylie? Was it his height – I do love big men, the colour of his eyes or his hair? Was it that he was 100% a good guy? Was it his playfulness, the way he kissed Kylie so passionately the first time they kissed. I honestly can’t say.  Maybe it was all those things.

The story itself sees Kylie – very organised, very tidy who has rules and a life plan – land quite literally in the lap of Harrison Flynn, who has no plan, is messy, and lives permanently in the now.  Their worlds collide and the chemistry between them is smoking hot.  But Harrison Flynn is not just a guy she met in a bar, he is captain of the Dallas Demons, the state Ice Hockey Team.  He is a celebrity with a huge adoring fan club and a constant media following. How does Kylie cope when the spotlight is turned on her, when their every movement, every detail of their relationship is recorded for prosperity and scrutinised in papers, on TV and on social media.  Is their relationship strong enough to endure this kind of intrusion.

I loved Kylie, she was great, I loved that she has these dreams of the future and I love how Harrison helps her to make these dreams come true now.  They are both so good for each other and I love the people they become when they grow with each other.  The humour in this is great too, the banter between them is just flawless.

The other characters in this were brilliant too, Kylie’s family, her protective brother, her work colleagues, the characters are so real, so well drawn, I can see them clearly in my head.

I was completely riveted by this book, utterly hooked from the second I picked it up until it was over.  I literally did not move until I had finished it.  Aven has a beautiful skill of creating characters we fall in love with and a story we truly care about.  I cannot recommend this book any higher.  It quite literally is one of the best books I’ve read.

Waiting for Prince Harry is published on April 2nd and I cannot wait for you to read this book and fall in love with Harrison like I have. At least then I won’t be alone in my infatuation for him.

A well deserved 5 stars.

You can purchase Waiting For Prince Harry here on Amazon UK

You can purchase Waiting For Prince Harry here on Amazon.com


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