Guest post with Rebecca Raisin

I recently read Christmas at The Gingerbread Café by Rebecca Raisin (Read my review at the bottom of this piece) and I just loved it so much, so I was delighted to hear there would be a sequel

9781472094711_Cover-300x480Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Café will be out tomorrow.

Today, I have Rebecca on my blog and we’re talking food, chocolate and love, what could be better?

I loved Christmas at The Gingerbread Cafe, was it always going to be part of a series?

Thank you for reading it! No, it was never planned as a series! However as soon as it was released I had people emailing, or facebooking me asking if there would be a sequel. Kate Beeden, a writer and book blogger, asked me first, and immediately I knew I wanted to write a follow-up. I missed the characters, and if people were interested in a second book, I was eager to write one. I asked my editor what she thought of the idea, and she said she’d hoped I would write one too, so the decision was made! There will be a third and final book at Christmas time too.

I love that in book 2 we get to follow Lily and Damon after the Happy Ever After. What can we expect from the second book in the series for our gorgeous couple?

There’s a few ups and downs for Lil and Damon in the Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Café. Like any relationship, especially when the couple have both been previously married, there’s going to be some baggage – is their love tough enough to handle it?

Why did you want to write a story set around a cafe?

I love writing about food, and the joy of cooking and entertaining. Our family are all ‘foodies’ and love nothing more than spending time together in the kitchen, and trying new cuisines. So food always seems to creep into my stories. I do have one small confession though, I am a terrible baker, I cannot seem to make sweets! Instead I pretend I’m an expert at them though Lil and CeeCee at the Gingerbread Café!

How do you celebrate Easter?

We have the usual egg hunt on Sunday morning, and my kids get a few eggs, but mainly books! This year I am going to attempt making my own Easter eggs, which look fairly simple. I mean, how hard can they be? (I see disaster written all over it) And we are going to dye eggs, to make garlands. We celebrate with our family over lots of delicious food!

Quick fire questions

Favourite cake?

We’ve made this delicious cake before, it’s a hazelnut meringue torte with chocolate and cinnamon mousse – it’s like heaven itself! Here is a recipe, I tell you, it’s impossible to stop at one slice!

Favourite pudding? – crème caramel

Favourite hot drink? – boring, but I have to say coffee! I need it to function!

Do you have any chocolate recipes you can share with us?

At the chocolate festival Lil and CeeCee make dark chocolate soufflés to order. I’m sharing a Donna Hay recipe today, she’s an Australian chef and food stylist, and I find her recipes always work! Always! This sounds tricky but it is really worth it. Well, I say that, I actually bought the ingredients and let hubby make it. He’s much better at baking than me!

Let me know if you make it! And I’ll be sure to come back and let you know how the Easter egg attempts go!

Thank you for having me on your blog, Holly!

 You can pre-order Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Café here                       

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Find Rebecca here:

Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe coverHere is my review of Christmas at The Gingerbread Café

The story follows Lily, owner of The Gingerbread Café and a turf war with the gorgeous, charming Damon in the cute little town of Ashford.  As they try to outdo each other with promotions, costumes, discounts or a winning smile, the chemistry between them grows too.

I loved this story so much, I was hooked from the very first page. Despite that the daffodils have started to grow and the sun was shining brightly when I read this, it was still a delightful story to cosy up to.

Lily was just a lovely character, feisty too but someone you could have a chat with over a glass of mulled wine or a mug of gingerbread coffee, she was an absolute pleasure to get to know. But I absolutely loved CeeCee, her protectiveness of Lily and her straightforward no nonsense attitude. Their friendship is gorgeous; real, warm and their banter is just flawless.

The café shines out as this heart of the community place; warm, welcoming, cosy and I loved the Christmassy feel that just seemed to sparkle off the pages.

The descriptions of the food were vivid and delicious and I couldn’t help wanting to try my hand at my own Ginger Snap Pear Cheesecake.  I could almost smell the delicious foods being created in this café.

Christmas at the Gingerbread café is a cosy, gorgeous, gooey, soft centred romantic read that will warm your heart at any time of year.

If this has whet your appetite, you can buy it here


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