How to Get a (Love) Life by Rosie Blake

I first came across Rosie’s work in her Icelandic themed short story in Sunlounger last year.  The characters were sweet and the story was really funny. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few weeks later at the Sunlounger launch party and she was as warm, funny and friendly as I hoped she would be.  We’ve sort of stayed in touch ever since through Twitter and I was so delighted for her when she got the publishing deal with Novelicious last year.  I’ve been looking forward to her first novel for months and it didn’t disappoint.

rosieHow to Get a (Love) Life is the story of Nicola Brown – very organised, tidy, plays life by her own very strict rules, doesn’t take risks.  That is until her colleague Caroline gets involved.  Exasperated by the limits Nicola sets on her own life, Caroline dares her to ‘get a life, a love life’ going on as many dates as possible in order to find true love by Valentine’s Day.

The story follows Nicola as she goes on bad date after bad date.  This girl really has some bad luck when it comes to men but although I felt sorry for her that nothing seemed to be going right I laughed out loud on many occasions, snorting and crying with laughter at some of the weird men she met and her disastrous dates.  Rosie’s infectious writing and hilarious anecdotes made me want to keep reading, rooting for Nicola right through to the end.

I warmed to Nicola straight away, although she was a rule follower and ran away from risks, I still really liked her.  She was warm, sweet and kind.  I also loved the other supporting characters, the floopy Caroline, her brilliant brother Mark and her boss James.  Even the men Nicola dated were painted so vividly that you could easily picture them, I loved them all so much.

I loved watching Nicola grow as she realised how much she had been holding herself back, I love the spontaneous person that she became and the ending just made me smile and sigh with happiness.

How to Get a (Love) Life is a fresh, funny, riveting read and I can’t wait for Rosie’s next book

You can buy the book here,

You can follow Rosie on Twitter @RosieBBooks


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