Book bloggers are great.  I love them, genuinely.  And I have the upmost respect for them too.  They read, review, promote tirelessly and for very little reward, other than they want to promote the love of books.  Reviews, I find them so hard to write.  If I enjoy a book, I want to shout about it, but other than yelling ‘BUY THIS BOOK NOW,’ I don’t know how else to say it.  Also I’m very aware that I don’t want to give the story away and spoil it for the reader.  The book bloggers seem to do this with ease, and will gush about books they love for thousands of words.  I’ve had two reviews recently from book bloggers that made me smile so much my face ached.  There are many brilliant bloggers out there who do fantastic author interviews but I also love the features that the bloggers do too, the ones that make you laugh out loud, smile, cry or inspire .  Here are two lovely blogs and features I wrote for them.  Have a look at them and then have a look round the rest of their blog too.

My Book Moment on Love of a Good Book blog.

My desert island feature on Victoria Loves Books Blog


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